Go Glamping

Go Glamping is the UK’s No.1 Glamping Website. The owner, Garri Rayner, asked us to develop the look, feel and usability of a new website.

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Go Glamping

From the much acclaimed stable of BirdBox Media, the UK’s leading specialists in niche Travel Websites, Go Glamping was the first website of its kind dedicated to luxury camping, or ‘glamping’ as it is now more widely known. Go Glamping was developed 8 years ago by founder Garri Rayner and still retains the hand-crafted attention to detail that sets it apart from other more automated travel resources.

Our Task


To create an eye-catching design that moved the Go Glamping brand forward. The site is hand-crafted so trying to create visual elements that enhanced the design we vitally important.

Skills Involved


  • Design
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator

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